The Smartest Way to Create SvelteKit powered static websites.

# On OSX and Linux

brew tap sveltinio/sveltin

brew install sveltin

# Check the documentation
for other OS and methods

# Create a new project

sveltin init myWebsite

cd myWebsite

# Install dependencies

sveltin install

# Create the contact page & compose it in svelte

sveltin new page contact --svelte

# Create the about page & compose it in markdown

sveltin new page about --markdown

# Create a 'posts' resource

sveltin new resource posts

# Add new content to 'posts'

sveltin add content welcome --to posts

# Add a 'category' metadata to 'posts'

sveltin add metadata category --to posts --as single

# Run the server

sveltin server

What is Sveltin?

Sveltin is a CLI. Created to boost the developers productivity working on SvelteKit powered static websites.

Super Fast CLI

Simple and Fast

  • Scaffold your site
  • Create content
  • Add & manage metadata
  • Add pages
  • Generate Menu
  • Generate Sitemap/RSS
Ready to Use components

Batteries Included



  • Markdown
  • Svelte
Be reachable online

SEO Ready

  • Metadata
  • Json-Ld
  • OpenGraph
  • TwitterCard
  • RSS
Use your own style


  • Vanilla CSS
  • Sass / SCSS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Bulma
  • Bootstrap
For All By All

Open Source

  • Free
  • Apache license 2.0
  • Accessible

Built joining forces among great open source projects